My Reading Resolution

After reading about Matthew Davis who wrote on the BBC website about his year with Dickens, I decided I would do something similar for the New Year. Having recently studied English Literature as part of my ongoing English degree and chewed through quite a bit of 19th Century fiction, I opted for something different.

I didn’t stick to one particular author but did remain in my comfort zone of Sci-Fi and Fantasy choosing books from lists such as NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy Books and 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels to Geek Out Over

I’ve committed to 52 books in a single year.  Mathematicians amongst you will quickly work out that it’s an average of a book per week which is, in all honestly, beyond my normal reading level but if sticking to a resolution was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing, would it?? Also, in a similar vein to Matthew posting a daily Dickens quote for the BBC news magazine, I’ll simplify things further by just providing one quote per book.

So, here is the list of books.  I’ve ordered it alphabetically by author but that won’t dictate reading order as I’ve given myself the power to switch genre or author whenever I choose. I’ve also not constrained myself to a book per week – as long as I complete all 52 within the year – I’ll be happy.

2 comments on “My Reading Resolution

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