Book 1 – World War Z

Book Quotes: World War Z by Max Brooks

And then they came, right out of the smoke like a freakin’ little kid’s nightmare! Some were steaming, some were even still burning… some were walking, some crawling, some just dragging themselves along on their torn bellies… maybe one in twenty was still able to move, which left… shit… a couple thousand?  And behind them, mixing with their ranks and pushing steadily toward us, the remaining million that the air strike hadn’t even touched!

Todd Wainio discussing the Battle of Yonkers (where America was attempting to show the zombies who was in charge)


Anyone picture Santa as an undead zombie this year?

Have you been good this Xmas?

No? Just me then, and possibly Phillip Blackman.

Having written about My Reading Resolution earlier, I’m putting up the first quote off the list; World War Z.

Written from the viewpoint of different people from across the globe, the interviews and stories slowly build up a view of how the world discovered, reacted to, and addressed a zombie apocalypse.

I’ve read that this book is a culmination of Max Brook’s life work, and it shows.  He captures the different moods of the characters and the uniqueness of the locations perfectly, and the level of detail that he has included in the interviews is staggering;

    Want to know how blind people would fair in a zombie apocalypse? 

    Want to know why your dog could be your best friend in a zombie apocalypse?

    Want to know why sitting in your room all day on the Internet is a bad thing in a zombie apocalypse?

It’s all in here.

I would thoroughly recommend this book for anyone with an interest in the Zombie / Horror genre or for anyone who’s ever thought; what would really happen in a zombie apocalypse?


PS: If you’re anything like me and have your dreams invaded by the book you’ve just been reading in bed.  Do what I do – and find another book to read at night…

PPS: They’re also making this into a movie with Brad Pitt (and a bunch of undead).

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