Week #1 Muse Update

There are a number of reasons as to why this blog exists.  Firstly, there is the need in me to write a story; not just one, I have many in various stages of development (and a few that have been completed but are currently unsuccessfully published).

Secondly, I’m a firm believer that there are situations that affect us in ways that can hinder the things we do. Some of those factors I believe are within my control; am I hungry? am I tired? Others, I feel, are not.

Some authors can sit down and write for hours with the words coming as quick as they can type them. For me, I need a muse to write. If it’s not there, neither are the words.


Obviously, it’s not a physical thing; to me, the muse is a state-of-mind, a culmination of events that have lead upto the point I open Word or Scrivener and the flashing cursor awaits. However, that hasn’t stopped me from giving it some shape of it’s own (if only to stare at it). It often changes depending on my mood.

Check out the sleeping gargoyle image to the right, that’s taken from my study desk and is the current embodiment of my muse. This week, my muse isn’t just mute, it’s not even awake!!

The reason?  Well, I’ve not done any writing this week at all other than what I’ve needed to do to get the blog back up and running, as well as make a start on the website “(coming soon)”. I have notes, both physically and electronically, stuck around my house that need to be pulled together, formulated into meaningfull words and phrases and then actually added to my manuscript(s).

That’s all there’s been; just scraps, nothing of any sustenance for my muse to actually work with..


Whilst I’m conscious of the reasons that mean my muse is still asleep, I still feel that I could have done more to rouse it, if only slightly and, with that in mind, I’m going to make a conscious effort to get my mind in the right state this week.

Ink will be spilt and keys will be punched.

Week 1, Muse status: ASLEEP  ZZZzzz

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