Week #2 Muse Update

The muse may have come a-knocking this week, but it may have been that I was too busy to listen.  Work has been my main concern this week; three out of five days involved a two-hour driving trip each way meaning I was leaving home at 0700 and not getting back in until around 1800.  Squeeze in time for my family, to eat and reading, it hasn’t left much time for anything else.

Having said that it turn out that my Nexus 7 has been a bit of a life-saver.  I’ve installed all fifty-two books from my reading resolution and also a notepad application.  This has meant that I’ve been able to record the whispers from the muse as I’ve been reading the books (the muse usually sends over gems of wisdom at the most inappropriate times in the shower, walking the dog, driving and sleeping). 

So, whilst I’ve not added anything to the novel in strict terms of content, I do have around 4000 words of notes (with suggested chapters to add them to).  I will be going through the notes and adding them to the chapters shortly after I’ve posted this and hopefully making gains over the next week.

Week 2, Muse status: A whisper on the wind.

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