Magician – a reading update

As part of my reading resolution I’ve been reading Magician by Raymond E Feist.  Although I’m not a speed reader, I had expected to finish this book by now but there have been a number of reasons that have kept me from doing so;

1)      Work – going back to work has reduced my reading time

2)      Other resolutions – getting a better 10k time when running, spending more time with wife etc.

3)      Length of novel confuses me…

I want to talk a bit more about point 3.  It seems that the Magician book rejects the common understanding that, as you get older, everything gets smaller.  Now, I do remember Magician being a somewhat weighty tome, but it seems to have grown much in length since I last read it.

I did a bit of research into this and discovered the following (for clarity I have missed out other editions – in the US it has also been released as two separate books; Magician Apprentice and Magician Master);

  • First Edition in 1982 hardback – 545pp
  • Grafton Edition in 1982 paperback – 560pp
  • Double-day New Edition in 1984 paperback – 832pp
  •  Magician was re-published in 1992 ….with much of the deleted text restored.  Confusion reigns here as the 1984 revision clearly also looks to have increased in size somewhat (ironically the 1984 revision is the physical copy that I own, but can’t lay my hands on it at the moment).
  • Harper Collins Revised Edition in 1993 paperback – 992pp
  • Harper Colllins New Edition in 1993 hardback – 688pp
  • Voyager Anniversary Edition in 2002 hardback – 704pp

Now, I’m well aware that much of this would be down to hardback / paperback editions and the printing figures (font size / lines per page etc.)  However, it does make you wonder how much meddling goes on with a story after it’s been published.

To make matters worse I’m reading it in e-book format on my Nexus 7 and the foreward from 1991 informs me that I’m reading the Revised Edition but page count is 609pp.  Furthermore, sometimes when I turn the page, the count doesn’t increment even though I’m on a new page?!?!?

So, all I can say at present is that I know I’ll finish the novel at some point, but when is anybody’s guess.finished

One comment on “Magician – a reading update

  1. […] It is only 160-ish pages which is considered short for a modern novel, but it was a great read and I burned through it inside of a day which helped me keep my reading average up for the year after Magician […]

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