Week #3 Muse Update

This week is an easy update to which there are two sections

Firstly, I haven’t been writing this week; I’ve been reading.  In the past few days I’ve read almost 100 pages of Magician, the full novel of I Am Legend and am halfway through Starship Troopers.

At this point I’m sat smug in my chair with the spectre of Stephen King hanging over me preaching “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot.”

PS: Stephen King isn’t dead; the reference to his spectre was symbolic.

PPS: The keen-eye amongst you will notice that he mentions two things and I’ve only noted one….


…And now to the second part of my update, underlined by Mr. King, “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”


The smugness has gone, the room is darker and quieter and I have nothing but excuses for company.

  • I have a sore shoulder at the moment that not only makes it extremely difficult to sleep, but I can’t sit still for anything more than ten minutes at a time. Once the swelling goes down, things will be a lot easier.
  • The world outside is currently white with snow (quite a rare occurrence in NW England) and I’ve been a big kid all over again throwing snowballs at the dog.
  • Work has been hectic this week and, as I work on the same laptop that I write on, it means I tend to find myself working instead of writing (for free as I don’t get overtime).

There is a sense of irony at work here by me quoting Stephen King above. 

  • He was involved in a very serious car accident a few years ago and almost died.  He went through a series of painful procedures on his way back to fitness that I’m sure makes my sore shoulder a mere inconvenience in comparison.
  • He lives in Maine.  Now, I’ve never been to Maine to stay but, in the good old days of plane travel, we often had to stop over in Maine to refuel on a flight from the UK to the USA and, on one occasion, the weather was that cold we had to wait until the airfield could defrost the wings.
  • I work in IT as an Technology Consultant.  My role is to watch how Project Managers work on projects and make sure they do it correctly – exciting, eh?  It’s a safe bet that Stephen King has a far busier diary than me what with book signings, TV interviews and generally just being famous etc.

The main difference here is that whilst we may both be doing similar things, he is also writing (in 2013, he has already planned 3 new novels, including a sequel to The Shining).  The three novels come in at around 1000 pages.  That is 1000 pages that have been planned, written, re-written, re-edited and re-drafted many times over – and you can bet he has read more books in that time than I have as well.

So, my update this week isn’t so much about how quiet, or loud, the muse has been, it is more about how ignorant and distracted I have been.

Amuteforamuse update; musttry

One comment on “Week #3 Muse Update

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