Week #5 Muse Update

Having chastised myself recently on my inability to balance reading and writing, I’ve certainly been busy. But not in the way I expected as the muse has worked in mysterious ways this week.

Let me explain…..

Throughout the body of the novel, I have a number of chapters that are either in draft mode or are awaiting detailed notes to be incorporated.  I always thought I’d go back at the end and complete this (after all I need to be working towards ‘The End’), however, I found myself struggling with chapter five.

In chapter five, one of the characters is failing to come to terms with certain responsibilities that are about to come his way.  I had written this a number of times as I couldn’t find the right scenes to portray this (remember show, don’t tell?). In the end, I found myself writing three different versions of chapter five.

This week the muse decided that I should tackle this issue and finalise the chapter (at least in draft format) once and for all. I came up with a system similar to avenn Venn diagram where I merged bits from v1 and v2, as well as v2, and v3.  This gave me two final sets (v4 and v5) which were then merged again.

The result is a chapter that I’m finally happy with and (hopefully) contains all the best elements of the previous re-writes.  I’ve saved all the other chopped chapters just in case – but I consider this week a victory for the muse!

Muse Status: All aboard the Muse Train..




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