Chase the dream…

I’ve always dreamt of owning a small bookshop that sold mainly Sci-fi on one floor, and Fantasy on another floor.  It would have a roaring log fire in one corner with comfy sofas and a coffee / muffin shop on the side for people to enjoy. I’d spend as much time as the customer reading books and wouldn’t bother about profit/loss etc..

Being a realist, pragmatist and a pessimist, I still think that it will never happen unless I won the lottery (book shops not doing too well recently, bills to pay etc..)

However, it seems that someone had the same dreams but she decided to make hers come true.

Jessica Fox who used to work at NASA in California has bought herself a used-bookstore in a place called Wigtown, in Scotland and is living the dream.

For anyone who wants to feel a bit of inspiration today, watch the  three minute video and remind yourselves that dreams are always possible.

PS: Wigtown has a dozen book stores for just 800 residents.  Sounds like a bookworm’s heaven…



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