Game of Thrones or Game of NFL? Choices, choices…

I’m not the only one to have hit a bump in the road…

Unfortunately, it seems I have far fewer people to disappoint if my blog isn’t updated often, or if my first novel hasn’t completed its first draft yet.

Game of cards?  Game of Skyrim?  Game of Football?  

To be honest, I like George’s honesty.  I’m a Blackburn Rovers fan and it is true that after watching a particular bad match and seeing where we are in the Championship table at the moment, it sucks all of my creativity out of me on a Saturday night that often bleeds into Sunday.

I often get myself keyed up during the day to get some writing done then, when everyone is in bed and the world is quiet, I feel the words have vanished with the Sun and this is why amuteforamuse was created.  It was borne out of a need to understand what was happening to me during those dark times.  I figured that something was working; the enthusiasm, the ideas were all there but when the time came to put all of the greatness on the paper – it didn’t feel right, it certainly didn’t read right.

I imagined that this blog would drive out the words at times when I was struggling to move my stories on, or re-draft certain parts. Then, once the words began to flow, I’d move onto my novel and short stories.  I never imagined the affliction would cross over into the blog itself.

I’m not sure about writers block either, although I’m going to do a post on it in a few days as it is something that interests me (if anything, to keep me writing!) but I don’t think this is what our friend, George is suffering from.  I think he’s probably just found himself interested in something more than completing his books.  I think us readers often forget that what we feel for a book can sometimes be completely different from how the author feels. 

One comment on “Game of Thrones or Game of NFL? Choices, choices…

  1. […] person, there are more interests that George has that he would like to spend more time on (such as sport), or just anything that is non-Game of Thrones related. If you’re trying to break away from […]

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