World-building toolkit

 I’ve spent a bit of time recently doing some research into World-building.  I’m going to start breathing some life into the world that my characters are living in at the moment.

At present, they sit around a campfire in a village that hasn’t had a single soul pass down its streets in over two centuries, and I had to find out why that was the case.

The seed was planted and the flower is beginning to blossom, however, the garden is bare so I’ll have to do some more planting if it’s to keep growing.

Feel free to click on any of the links and enjoy.  The list isn’t exhaustive, so If anyone out there has any other / better links, or comments, please let me know.


Fantasy World-building Questions SFA

Educated World-building

Nano discussion about World-building

30 days of World-building

The World-building school

Brent Weeks Writing Fantasy tools and techniques

A Way with Worlds

Rivera Runs Through IT (great set of links)



The Other Side of the Story; World-building tips learned at the Louvre

Virtual Reality and World-building

World-building & Teleportation

Berley’s Top 10 World-building tips

Five Foundations of World-building

Link Feast for Writers, vol 19 – World-building

World-building for Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers

World-building form the bottom up



Writing Excuses (search the archives)

Season 2, Episode 16 Non Human Races

Season 2, Episode 18 World-building Governments

Season 3, Episode 1 World-building History

Season 3, Episode 13 Dialects and in-world Jargon

Season 3, Episode 17 Characters and World-building

Season 3, Episode 28 World-building Gender Roles

Season 4, Episode 14 Brainstorming science ideas

Season 4, Episode 21 Writing Practical Fantasy

Season 4, Episode 30 World-building the Future

Season 5, Episode 21 Alternate History

Season 5, Episode 23 Life Day!

Season 5, Episode 36 Non-Traditional Settings

Season 6, Episode 13 World-building Communications Technology

Season 6, Episode 27 Fantasy Setting Yard Sale

Season 7, Episode 2 World-building Flora and Fauna

Season 7, Episode 32 Astronomy 101

Season 7, Episode 53 Secret History



World-building tips Volume 1



Fantasy stories and settings that matter

On World-building and how to avoid the ‘info dump’

World-building no-no’s

The disease of Geek Pride



4 comments on “World-building toolkit

  1. mqallen says:

    Thanks for all the ping-backs! Some good links here 🙂

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your blog has been quite inspirational to me in many areas, let alone World-building and it’s only fair that other people get to see the hard-work that you’ve done.

  3. Thank you for the link back to my blog. I am glad you found the article helpful! Can’t wait to check out your finished novel… 🙂


  4. […] By the way, the worldbuilding 101 toolkit links are still here […]

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