Returning to your book…

I returned to my book today, it was exactly where I left it. More importantly, it was exactly how I left it; unfinished chapters, annotated sections, broken timelines. I’ve neglected it to the point that it doesn’t need ‘more’ work, just work.

Remember the saying “Can’t see the wood for the trees?” It means you spend too much time focusing on individual parts that you begin to lose view on the one big thing you were trying to accomplish.

This is where I am, and am sure others are, at the moment….

The reason for this blog was to keep me driven in my goal to finish the draft within a year. That was in 2013, and it didn’t happen. I’ve done similar for 2014, yet already I have made a start, and completed, a few short stories, gotten involved in world-building for my novel, and am looking to get a website up and running. Furthermore, I’ve continued with my Fantasy/Sci-fi book lists, as well as my non-fiction writing book list.

You may have something different, but they are all trees; the wood that is your novel is fading away amidst the flurry of you doing other things.

We don’t want that to happen. We can’t allow that to happen. We have to put in the effort.

The first draft of my novel is currently around 83000 words and I’ve estimated that it is around 45% complete. I have a baseline plan for around 300 words a day and an average of 2000 words a week. At that rate, I will complete my first draft this year at the latest.

I don’t know how far along your novel is, nor what plan you need to get it back on-track, but you should do it now. Step back from some of those trees and, hopefully, this time next year I won’t be writing a similar post.

My updates will be tracked on this page.

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