Start Writing Fiction – Introduction

I wrote a post a few weeks back about a free online course with Futurelearn called Start Writing Fiction – that post is here.

The course started on the 28th and I’ll be posting a weekly progress on it to show others what it contains. It may prove helpful in allowing others to make a decision on future enrolments.


The first thing you receive is a welcome email on which you are asked  to complete an optional survey which covers general information such as demographics and educational background. It also asks if you would like to be part of a review forum which may involve getting future phonecalls and/or emails (declined).

There is also a link to start the actual course for week one.  This is broken down into the following parts;

Creating Characters

1.1 Before you start (Article)

1.2 What is Fiction (Video)

1.3 Ways to Write (Video)

1.4 Writing Fact and Fiction (Video)

1.5 Reading Fact and Fiction (Discussion)

1.6 What Can You Use (Article)


1.7 Creating Your Own Space (Article)

1.8 Keeping Track of Useful Details (Video)

1.9 Reviewing Your Notes (Article)

Writing Journey

1.10 Why Writers Write (Article)

1.11 The Writing Journey Starts (Discussion)

1.12 Developing a Character From Your Notebook (Article)

1.13 Reading Characters (Article)

1.14 Investigating Characters (Quiz)

1.15 Comparing Your Characters (Article)

As I’ve already done a number of writing courses with the Open University, I’ll be very interested to see how this compares (especially for a free course). I’ll post an update on my progress at the end of the week and put out the information on Week 2 at the same time.

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