Are we walking less?

Considering my post a few days ago about how walking can stir the creative juices, I was interested to find a post on the BBC website about how we may all be walking less and less these days.

Click the link to read more about it, but I’ve summarised a few interesting points below;

* Walking is considered a luxury in the West

* Wordsworth, Dickens and Woolf were all walkers

* In the UK, May is National Walking Month

* Prof.  Frederic Gros has written a book, A Philosophy of Walking 

* Nearly 25% of journeys are taken by foot, although only 17% are specifically for walking

* Geoff Nicholson has written a book, The Lost Art of Walking

* Los Angeles is notoriously car-focused.

* Kuala Lumpa has pavements that mysteriously end

* Merlin Coverley has written a book, The Art of Wandering: The Writer as a Walker

* Many people often text whilst walking

* Rebecca Solnit has written a book, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

* Key tips include: walking further with no fixed route, go alone, walk mindfully

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