Start Writing Fiction – Week 2

Week 1 Review

Interesting course so far. The workload is a mixture of watching videos, generating ideas / comments and then discussing them. I think what you get out of a course like this depends on how much you put in – I noticed over 1000 comments on each section so there are plenty of people doing it, and there is quite a bit of communication via likes / follows between the students.

So, onto the curriculum for week 2;

Do It Your Way

2.1 Finding Your Way (Video)

2.2 Other Writer’s Rituals (Article)

2.3 What Works Best For You (Article)

2.4 Imagining Writing Spaces (Article)

2.5 Talking About Writing (Discussion)

Observation and Imagination

2.6 Observation – The Importance of Detail (Article)

2.7 Heightening Your Observations (Article)

2.8 Learning From Other Writers (Article)

2.9 Reading For Character (Quiz)

2.10 Comparing Characters Again (Article)

2.11 How Can I Be Original? (Article)

2.12 Familiar Words In Unfamiliar Places (Video)

The Blank Page

2.13 The Blank Page (Article)

2.14 Searching Your Notebook (Discussion)

2.15 Should I Wait Until I’m Inspired? (Article)

2.16 Finding a Voice (Article)

2.17 More Starting Ploys (Discussion)

2.18 Ideas For a Story (Article)

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