Start Writing Fiction – Week 3

Week 2 Review

Still finding this course quite interesting.  Over the past week, there has been more of an emphasis about characters, writing prompts and also getting used to writing in your notebook (and using the notes in it).  A good example of this is an exercise in writing sentences that begin with “Emma said that…”, also to turn on the radio, listen to the first thing being said, and then to write a short story (500 words) about it.

Although it sounds a bit daft, looking the comments from the other writers, you can see just how creative people can be from such mundane things. Comments on each topic are still in the 1000+ which shows willingness to participate from the other students. I’ve also had a few likes and follows from within the forums so it does show that what you write is being read.

So, onto the curriculum for week 3;

Writing is Editing

3.1 Your First Draft (Video)

3.2 Reviewing and Redrafting (Article)

3.3 Reading Work in Progress (Discussion)


3.4 What is Editing? (Article)

3.5 Editing is Your Friend (Article)

3.6 Editing Practice (Discussion)

3.7 Suggested Edit (Article)

3.8 Editing Big Decisions (Video)

3.9 Editing Summary (Article)

Something New

3.10 Learn Through Writing (Article)

3.11 Generate Something New (Article)

3.12 Share Your Story (Assignment)

3.13 Commenting On Work (Review)

3.14 Reviewing Criticism and Comments (Article)

3.15 Read The Feedback (Reflection)

3 comments on “Start Writing Fiction – Week 3

  1. nina light says:

    Checking this out, too. 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m glad you are enjoying it. It’s good to see some nice freebies out there for us. The only problem I have with it is that as there is no monetary cost, or official certification at the end, I don’t have that ‘must do more, must do better’ push that I do with ‘real’ courses.

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