Start Writing Fiction – Week 4

Week 3 Review

Some keen-eyed people will notice that this post is late – Week 4 started on Monday.  The reason for this is quite simply that I’m behind on the studies at the moment (as well as blog posts). All work and no play…… 

I’ve found Week 3 particularly interesting as it covers something that is close to my heart; the first draft.   Many of the early topics cover elements such reviewing, redrafting and re-editing.  In all fairness, there probably isn’t that much new information in the course content but the amount of information in the comments section from the students is excellent and certainly allows a much wider insight into these topics through the experiences of others.

One of the good things about the course is it’s ability to cater for those who like to jump ahead, as well as those (ahem) who may fall behind the curve.  Even now, I can see from the timing of the comments on topics that there is still a healthy level of activity on almost all of the week 3 topics this far into week 4.

So, onto the curriculum for week 4;

Writing is Editing

4.1 How You Might Use Your Notebook (Video)

4.2 Why Take Notes and What to Note (Article)

4.3 Research (Article)

4.4 Different Approaches to Research (Discussion)

4.5 The Notebook Habit (Article)


4.6 What is Plot? (Article)

4.7 Developing Your Plotline (Article)

4.8 What If? (Article)

4.9 Writing Character (Article)

Ideas For Stories

4.10 Hooked By Lines and Image (Video)

4.11 Hunches That Matter (Article)

4.12 Writing About Personal Concerns (Article)

4.13 Dramatising Concerns (Quiz)

4.14 Reflecting On Concerns and Ideas (Discussion)

4.15 Extraordinaty Versus Ordinary (Article)

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