Start Writing Fiction – Week 5

Week 4 Review

Still behind on the curriculum for this course, although it is a benefit of online courses that you are able to operate at your own pace.  I’ll ensure that I get the week 4 review included with the week 5 review for next week.

So, onto the curriculum for week 5;


5.1 Advice from a Writer (Video)

5.2 Reading Novakovich (Article)

5.3 Character and Plot (Article)

5.4 Revisit your Journal (Discussion)


5.5 Round and Flat Characters (Article)

5.6 Enriching Stereotypes (Article)

5.7 Talking more than Types (Discussion)

5.8 Challenge Expectations (Article)

5.9 Considering Characters (Discussion)


5.10 Using Yourself (Article)

5.11 Finding and Developing Fictional Characters (Article)

5.12 Four Ways to Create Characters (Quiz)

5.13 Characters Sketch (Assignment)

5.14 Introducing and Meeting Characters (Review)

5.15 Read the Feedback (Reflection)

5.16 Reflect on Feedback (Article)

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