Start Writing Fiction – Week 6

Week 4/5 Review

Being the eternal catch-up-merchant I’m still slightly behind the rest of the course, although I’m making ground.  If this was a race, the front-runners should be taking a quick look over their shoulders. 

Apologies in advance for a) the long update on this post and b) the number of updates to follow to catch up.

Week 4 concentrated on plot and had us students delving back into our notebooks to see how we could turn some of our notes into a plot.  Exercises around ‘What If’ asked us to question how plots could be affected just by asking the simplest of question. The week finished with a section on extraordinary versus ordinary where it is suggested that even the most mundane of things can be written about in a way that can still grip the reader.

Week 5 was my best week so far, working on both characters and plot.  There was a good section on round and flat characters, and suggestions on how characters can be changed by including contradictions within characters. Unfortunately, most of the students felt this area has long since been saturated and all it did was extend a steretype into a cliche; a tough bodyguard who looks after stray cats on the weekend etc.  The final section was to generate a character sketch and have someone review it for the type of method used to create the character and whether the character was portrayed clearly. 

The curriculum for week 6 is below, but will be followed mid-week by week 7 as I work to get back on track;


6.1 Next Steps In Characterisations (Video)

6.2 Ways Of Developing Characters (Article)

6.3 Talking About Characters (Discussion)

6.4 Building A New Character (Article)

6.5 Revealing Characters (Article)

6.6 Getting To Know Your Characters (Discussion)


6.7 ‘Three Hours Between Planes’ (Article)

6.8 Can’t Stop Talking About Characters (Discussion)

6.9 Returning To Your Character (Article)

6.10 Portraying Your Character (Article)

6.11 Self-Portrait (Article)


6.12 Planning Your Short Story (Article)

6.13 Ideas And Techniques For Working On Your Story (Article)

6.14 Starting To Write Your Story (Article)

6.15 Layout (Article)


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