Start Writing Fiction – Week 7

Week 6 Review

Week 6 featured quite a bit about character development. Within this unit, we read about, and watched, different methods for character development. Following that was a discussion about the student’s own experiences to see if the methods were applicable, or if any of us used something different.

There was a good section about key methods that can be used to generate characters, such as summary, repeated action, and self-portrait.  Furthermore, there was a very nice character questionnaire that could be used to help you identify with your characters better.

Finally, there was some information on formatting which contained a number of ‘rules’ such as using double-spacing, size 12 font, and indenting paragraphs.  I personally found this information a bit misleading as I’ve often found that these requirements can differ between publishers and I’ve read that many editors have a favourite place to store those manuscripts from authors who don’t follow simple instructions; the slush pile.

The curriculum for week 7 is below, but will be followed quickly by week 8 as the course finishes this week.


7.1 The Value Of Reading Novels And Short Stories (Video)

7.2 Enrichment From Reading (Article)

7.3 Formulating And Sharing Technical Opinion (Discussion)

7.4 Reviewing Your Story (Article)

7.5 Editing Your Story (Article)


7.6 Ongoing Book Reviews (Article)

7.7 Jazz (Article)

7.8 Spotting Technique (Quiz)

7.9 Editing Revisited (Article)


7.10 Questions To Ask (Article)

7.11 Giving Feedback To Other Writers (Article)

7.12 Receiving Feedback (Article)

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