Start Writing Fiction – Week 8

Week 7 Review

Week 7 focused on the importance of reading short stories and novels.  Ever hear the old phrase, ‘write what you know’?  Well, that’s what they were talking about – getting to know your market, the authors that write in it, and what kinds of books are selling well.

We were asked, as part of an exercise, to review both a good book and a bad book that we had read recently.  For my sins, I picked “Ready Player One” as my good book, and “Name of the Wind” as a bad book.  For all the Rothfuss fans out there (and I am one), I simply pointed to the first person narrative, as well as the lack of any danger to the main character (due to him being the actual story-teller), as points that I wasn’t sure about.  I did stress that as a yet-to-be-published author, I didn’t really have the qualifications to call any book ‘bad’. 

I particularly liked the section on deconstructing novels so we can try to understand what the author was thinking as he built up the novel. Areas such as, number of chapters, story structure, types of dialogue, use of language, length of sentences, and clear / flat characters really interested me and got me feeling excited about the MA I’m (hopefully) taking in September.

The curriculum for week 8 is below.  It is the final week and it’s a shame that the course is coming to an end.


8.1 Writing And Reading Stories (Video)

8.2 Sharing Your Story (Assignment)

8.3 Being Your Own Critic (Article)

8.4 Commenting On Your Fellow Writer’s Stories (Review)

8.5 Benefits of Group Work (Article)

8.6 Reflect On The Feedback (Article)

8.7 Read The Feedback (Reflection)


8.8 Editing Again (Article)

8.9 Reflecting Again (Article)

Carry On Writing

8.10 Learning Along The Way (Quiz)

8.11 The Next Steps (Video)

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