Interview with AJ Dalton (SFF World)

Shamelessly taken from SFF world via AJ Daltons own blog.

If I’m successful in my application to Manchester Metropolitan University, then AJ Dalton will become one of my tutors in September. I’ve taken a look at the other tutors and he seems to be the one with the biggest foot in the fantasy genre (is that even a saying?) so he may well be my main focus of inspiration and enlightenment. Of course, that’s a big responsibility and many may pale at the thought but, as he isn’t a follower of my blog, he probably won’t know the weight upon his shoulders.

So, with a two-week holiday coming up on the 12th July, I’m going to shoe-horn his books into my reading plan for 2014 and get through them whilst I sit on the deck of a ship somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

As he is an author of epic fantasy novels, if the ship decides to sink, I can always strap his trilogy of books together and use them to keep my wife and I afloat until we are rescued.

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