Life is like a box of …. Jenga

I often need time to take a deep breath, stop what I’m doing and spare a thought for the future. I sit down and work out what things will need doing if I am going to achieve my goals and then I plan how to split them into regular objectives that I can work toward. In the grand scheme of things, this is my perfect Jenga tower; when everything is in its place and the future looks strong and defined.

Unfortunately, in life, just like in Jenga, some things causes your tower to wobble (maybe even fall) and, when that happens, you have two choices; either move onto something else, or pick up the pieces and start re-building.

My tower isn’t that bad yet, but it isn’t perfect either and it’s made me realize that I’m taking too much on. Off the top of my head, the things that I want to achieve TODAY are;
• Get more of my novel completed to the first draft stage
• Work on amuteforamuse website that should have been ready in April/May/June etc.
• Provide more regular updates to this blog
• Bring parts of the blog upto-date
• Read more off my fantasy reading list
• Read more off my writing / publishing reading list
• Get more information down for my world that my novels are set in
• Get involved more in a number of writing websites, Facebook, twitter etc.
• Catch up on my podcasts (closed football season means no long drives with the ipod)

It’s approximately 2330 now here in the UK and, even though I’m a night-owl who will probably stay awake for another couple of hours, I’m struggling to fit much of anything in. It doesn’t help that I’m currently nursing an injury and the medication makes you drowsy…

I know my priority – it’s the novel. It always has been the novel, but sometimes I have so many ideas racing through my head for other things that I allow myself to get side-tracked. At this rate, I’ll be the guy that ends up with a thousand-and-one unfinished stories and that isn’t good enough. You can’t go through life half-assed about things.

One good thing is that I’m due a holiday on the 12th July. On that day, I’ll be starting a two-week cruise that will see me having quite a bit of spare time away from the internet – I can see me making some gains on a lot of things in that time.

So, what for now?

Well, I’m drawing up a battle-plan on how to move forwards between now and my holiday. I’m going to plan how best to rebuild my Jenga tower and reinforce it to withstand my conflicts and, more importantly, I’m going to design it so I can’t keep adding more bricks to it once it’s built.

At least not for a while.

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