Disaster at Sea!

No, the ship I was on didn’t sink. I inadvertently set sail around the Med without the pile of books that I had planned to read (apologies to both A.J Dalton and Saladin Ahmed).

There were, however, a few bright notes;

1) I did manage to find  77 Shadow Street (Dean Koontz) in the Independence Of The Seas’ library so I wasn’t completely book-nekkid (see what I did there?).  Although I enjoyed the book, I found it somewhat similiar with regards to the ‘haunted house / time loop’ novels out there and, as someone who doesn’t read that much horror, I can only imagine there are plenty more similar types that I haven’t read. Interestingly, back in April I read Koontz’s book on “Writing Popular Fiction” so I may spend some time going back and seeing how 77 Shadow Street stands up against the advice Koontz gave back in 1972 (although I’ll have to buy a copy as I faithfully returned the book to the library before I disembarked).

2) The few writing magazines that I had intended to read on the coach journeys around Europe ended up being devoured on-board so I have a bunch of topics for blog posts in the next week or so (once I find my bookmarks).

3) Speaking of bookmarks; in the midst of reading 77 Shadow Street, I found a slip of paper that someone had previously used to hold their position in the book.  All it had on it was a cryptic message of ‘cup 11’.  No idea what it may have meant but it did get the creative juices flowing and it’s given me an idea for a short story.

4) The lack of reading materials gave me more time to listen to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd 🙂

So, back on terra firma and I’m looking forward to making some great gains on the first draft of A Treasure Found as well as the amuteforamuse website and, of course, this blog.

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