Apple hates me.

I start this post by admitting two things;

one, this is only really to be considered amuteforamuse content by the slimmest of threads.

two, the title probably isn’t true. (In fact for Apple to actually recognise me as one of their customers would be an achievement.)

My wife had an iPhone4, it was in her name although I paid for it. My wife now has a brand new Samsung Galaxy (which I also paid for) and I now have an unwanted iPhone4 (isn’t it strange how these things work out?) All of this happened back in November 2013 and when I asked my provider to unlock the iPhone so I could use it on another network, they told me it would need to be done through Apple.  Unfortunately, Apple told me it would need to be done through my telephone provider. All in all, three months of phonecalls and emails got me nowhere and I boxed the iPhone 4 in favour of an old iPod touch that I’d been using for a couple of years. Who needs a phone anyway? (my wife doesn’t ring me much)

Zip forward a few months to August and I find that I’ve recently changed jobs (did I mention that?) and now drive approximately two hours per day on a regular basis (did I also mention that?) so I now have time to listen to more of my podcasts (yay for silver linings and all that).

What else better to play them on than a shiny, hardly-used iPhone4 that’s been in a drawer since Christmas? (I told you that my wife doesn’t ring me much).

The first sign that I was going to have a bad day was when I had to buy a SIM tied to my still-locked iPhone. Not only was I forced to buy a package from a provider that I didn’t really like, when I did insert the SIM and registered it, I got a message stating that my iPhone had now been unlocked and I was free to use whichever provider I wanted.

The second sign was that as my phone hadn’t been turned on since last year, iTunes wanted nothing to do with it until the iOS had been upgraded (which of course I could only do once my version of iTunes was updated). Well, after much status-bar watching, backing up and restoring, I finally managed to do it, at which point I eagerly started to add my podcasts- except I couldn’t.  The ability to just drag files onto iTunes had changed. At first I thought it had been removed as some websites were suggesting restoring to an earlier version of iTunes.  However, some deeper digging suggested I needed to check a box that enabled me to manually manage my playlists. 

Voila! It had only taken me two hours since turning the iPhone on to add my podcasts. But could I play them?

Sadly no. What Apple failed to tell me (and thousands others it seems) was that by upgrading to the latest iOS version, they would inadvertently remove the ability to play podcasts through the standard media player.

Various websites have offered various options (including installing various other Podcast apps). At present, I’m still not sure which one to use and, as such, I’m stuck to using my previous method of listening to podcasts; an out-dated, not-upgraded, barely-working iPod Touch.

So today, as I get in the car and throw the iphone onto the seat alongside me (my wife may yet ring me), and plug old-failthfil into the AUX port I can’t help but feel that Apple have me by the short-and-curlies whichever option I choose.

Advances in technology?? Probably!
Advances in customer relations?? Certainly not!

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