A Rejection letter I wasn’t expecting

It seems that Manchester Metroplitan University aren’t offering me a spot on their MA in Creative Writing. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

I want to be angry, I want to ask what the reason was, and I want to ask why they never responded to my phonecalls and emails since mid July asking about my application. To receive a letter of exactly six lines less than a week before the course was due to start doesn’t feel fair. I supplied 2000 words of prose, I completed their application form, I asked people to write references on my behalf and I saved up the fees in advance so I wouldn’t suffer financially through the year.

As it turns out, although the letter wished me the best and hoped their decision wouldn’t affect my future aspirations, the reality is that it has. All of the alternate courses have now closed their registrations for this year, apart from one which is charging almost triple the fees.

Being reflective, the letter has also made me think about my writing and whether it is good enough. I’ve always been accepted onto my academic courses without an issue and this one rejection has hit me hard. Now I’m wondering whether I should concentrate more on my new role at work and put my writing apsirations on the back-burner.

Fortunately, the stubbon part of me won’t let me do it. The stubborn part of me wishes to thank the MMU for the kick in the pants and wants to remind me that many authors have succeeded without any formal qualifications whatsoever. It wants to prove the MMU wrong.

So, I’m going to turn this frown upside-down and use the letter to my advantage. Whilst I forgo another academic year to apply for an MA in English Literature (I’m not specialising as much next time), I’m going to bleed the internet dry of online creative writing courses and use this time to build up my own academic exposure. If I can’t hope for the MMU to help me, then I’ll do it myself.

One comment on “A Rejection letter I wasn’t expecting

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