Worldbuilding basics

So, I’m sat around this campfire with a few of my characters and we’re having a discussion about where we think they should be heading to next. I’m trying to explain a bit about the world that they live in (after all I did create it) and they’re not really listening.

And then it struck me. Why should they be listening to me ramble on about all the great and wonderful things in the world when I don’t really know the small things, you know the things that matter. I call them the basics.

In any fantasy world that I’ve created I always model the same things; geography, history, wars, legends etc. but I never cover the basics, the little things:

* Ever wondered what the different parts of a castle are called?
* Know your ale from your mead?
* How exactly does a knight take a pee in full plate armour?

Over the past few days, I’ve pulled lots of these questions together and I’m now going to spend a few weeks answering them, adding them to the blog, and hoping they help bolster up all the work that I’m (still) doing on the website.

By the way, the worldbuilding 101 toolkit links are still here

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