Writing Competitions December 2014

Up until I started to take writing seriously, I’d gotten a 100% win rate in competitions; one was a writing competition where you had to come up with an excuse for returning a library book late ( I was eight years old), and the other was a cricket competition where we had a county-level cricketer in our team.

Since then, my win rate has plumetted, whether that is a reflection of my writing or not, I’m not sure. However, it does mean that I can pass on the information for these competitions with a closing date of next month in the knowledge that I probably wouldn’t have won them anyway.

Anthony Hecht Poetry has a prize of £1750 with a publication by Waywiser in UK and USA, as well as an appearance at the Folger Shakespeare library in Washington DC.  The entry fee is £15 (£17 online) or $27.  Closing date is 1 December.

Wild Words Annual Writing Competition is looking for poetry or prose upto 1000 words based on the quote, ‘You were once wild here.  Don’t let them tame you.’  The prize is an online course held by Wild Words themselves, as well as an online publication.  Entry free is £5 and the closing date is 1 December.

Harper’s Bazaar’s Short Story Competition is open to UK residents only.  The winning prize is to have your story published, as well as a week’s holiday at the Duchy of Cornwall’s Manor House, Restormel Manor. Closing date is 12 December.

Writestars Season of Goodwill Competition is looking for stories of up to 500 words with a Christmas theme.  First prize is £100. Entry free is £4 and the closing date is 20 December

Henshaw Short Story Competition is a quarterly competition for stories upto 2000 words.  The prizes are £100, £50 and £25.  Entry fee is £5 and closing date is 31 December. NB: This has now been moved out to 15 Jan.

Lascaux Prize in Short Fiction are accepting stories of all genres up to 10,000 words. Entry fee is $10. First prize is $1000 and all finalists are to be published in The Lascaux Review. Closing date is 31 December.

Writers’ Village International Short Fiction Award will accept any genre of fiction upto 3000 words.  The prizes are £1000, £500, and £250.  There are also 5 x £50 runner up prizes.  The entry free is £15 and the closing date is 31 December.

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