NotNaNoWriMo; an update

So, back at the beginning of November, I declared my intention NOT to take part in NaNoWriMo, but rather to put all that effort into my current draft of A Treasure Found.

Well, the figures are in and I’m happy to say that, as of yesterday, I’ve written an additional 17,121 words.

Sure, it hasn’t taken me to the end of my first draft, neither would it have been much of a NaNo attempt but it has moved me on somewhat.

The updates for my first draft now include;

 • Plot advances for both the protagonist, and antagonist.

 • A key character that was due to ‘leave’ has had a change of heart and will now take a different route, although how this is going to affect the end of my novel has yet to be determined.

 • Some of the lesser characters have been fleshed out and are now beginning to leave footprints in the world where before their actions mattered little.

 • Some descriptive text has been tightened up; where before some parts of my world were blurred, hazy, and ignored, they are now considered places where people would like to visit.

Overall, I’m glad of what I did; I’m still not close to finishing but when I think back to the beginning of November and the position I was in, I can’t help but smile.

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