Spinning 2014 plates

Here’s to a belated Christmas and New Year greeting.

Normally, at this time of year, people are rushing around with new ideas, fresh outlooks on life and strong resolutions. I know this because I’m usually one of them. However, this year I’ve decided to be different. I’ve decide not to get carried away breathing in all of that strong character-building air.

The reason? It’s because I’m still struggling to complete much of what I set out to achieve in 2014. Further to that, I still have aspirations from 2013 that remain unresolved – does my shame know no bounds?

I have a set of virtual plates spinning above my head from 2014 that I’m barely able to keep up in the air as it is:

  • Complete the first draft of A Treasure Found
  • Provide (regular) updates for the Amuteforamuse Blog
  • Finish designing (and populating) the Amuteforamuse website

Then there are the other elements that I do so I can build up a writing portfolio;

  • short stories to edit / tidy up
  • writing competitions to enter
  • flash fiction

Finally, there are the background tasks that I tick over simply to keep my knowledge current and fresh.

  • Reading fantasy and sci-fi books
  • Reading writing / editing books
  • Attending online writing courses

As you can see, I’m working hard to cover as many aspects as I can. Yet, I’m still feeling the pinch and I really doubt that a new set of expectations is really feasible.

But, please don’t allow my New Year negativity affect you. For those who have resolutions in place and annual plans to adhere to, I tip my hat to you and wish you all the best for 2015.

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