Losing your publisher

I’ve been meaning to reblog this particular post for a few days now, but work has beaten me down and I had other posts in the pipeline.


For many of us, the chance of getting published is what we are striving for, it’s the reason we sit for hours in front of a blank screen / piece of paper, and it’s the reason we scribble in books, on walls, and utility bills (one of my wife’s particular hates 🙂 ). 

Basically, it’s the end-game…

Shannon A Thompson accomplished that, she beat the odds and woke up one morning a published author.  I doubt it just ‘happened’ (as many non-writers think it does), and a read of Shannon’s blog will show you just how difficult a time she has had over the past few years whilst working towards that goal.

In one of her previous posts about getting published, I joked with her about how life would now be endless days of sitting on comfy chairs, being hand-fed exotic food whilst the books would just about write themselves.

So, you can imagine how sad I felt to read a post about how her publisher had gone under. There are no real details explaining the reason, but there doesn’t have to be.

I, as an aspiring writer, never try to look beyond that locked door that is a first publishing deal, I never imagine there being anything behind there other than good things.  Of course, I’ve often thought what would happen if I did get published and became a one-hit wonder but then that would be my own fault; it would be me taking my foot off the pedal.  Here, in Shannon’s case, that didn’t happen.

I don’t have personal advice for Shannon as I don’t know her, nor would I ever think of offering writing advice to someone who has clearly surpassed my own writing achievements. But I can do my own little bit by providing other people with a link to her blog so they can follow her and, hopefully, get to see her find another publisher.

4 comments on “Losing your publisher

  1. The Guardian says:

    It’s a very personal insight… I am 23 years old and an aspiring writer…

    “I’ve often thought what would happen if I did get published…”

    • I think we all do that from time to time and I’m sure it’s different for everyone. I once read on another forum that writing advice can only ever be that; advice. “Speak to 100 published authors and you’ll find 100 different ways to get published” 🙂

  2. Thank you for reading my article, sharing it, and giving us your insight on the matter! Publishing is a tricky thing, but I look at it the way many look at love – we find a person we like, so we date, and maybe we think we fall in love, but then, we break up, and we have to move on, and hopefully, we will find another person to love. My publisher and I broke up. Now, I’m trying to get my “stuff” back – my rights to my books – and that can often be the hardest recovery period because you have to heal everything before you can even more forward, but you have to believe that you will move on and you will find someone new to love. After all, we love writing, and no one can take that love away – even if they have your rights to something you’ve previously written.
    You will find a publisher! It’s only a matter of time if you never give up searching for the right place to be.

    • Thanks for the kind words, even though you’re in a tough place right now. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, and will continue to see you thrive via your blog.

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