Website Woes

I’ve hit problems with my website quite a few times now and it’s not even published yet. If I were to compare it to a fantasy analogy, I’d say it’s the equivalent of our hero taking his first steps on his adventure, having his trousers fall down causing him to trip and then having someone steal his sword!

The company in question which will remain anonymous (but is similar to StopMommy) have managed to inflict the following upon me;

  • Sell me a product that wasn’t fit for purpose (I ended up with a package that gave me a 10 page website – not enough pages so had to upgrade to business size, and costs).
  • Selling me a tool that wasn’t future-proof (I used Website Builder v6 – when choosing the option to move to v7, I lost all my content and was told by their tech support that I had to start from scratch)
  • Technical support giving me poor advice (I was advised to cancel my current annual subscription with 3 months to go so I could take up the cheaper promotional price. Upon doing so, I was informed I didn’t qualify for the promotional price and, when I asked for my previous annual subscription to be re-instated, I was told I’d cancelled it and would have to pay to take on a new subscription – even though I had 3 months still to run on it).
  • Did I mention that Website Builder v7 won’t run in Firefox? So I had to install chrome to use it.

That was all in 2014 and I thought I’d seen the last of the issues. But no. This week, I’ve hit something different.

For reasons unbeknown to me, their Website Builder development team have decided that images placed on your website need to be locked so that they scale in ratio. That’s a good thing for those who wanted it, but they’ve not included an option to remove this if you don’t want it.

What does that mean for me?

It means that the first 40 pages of my website have 689 x 350 size images (my own custom ratio) on them but all future pages lock the ratio, so I’m locked into using 689 x 459.33 images. Technical support were no help – they suggested I cropped the image first to the correct size via another graphic package before uploaded, which I did – but they’re tool still adds it to the website in the ‘default’ size whic means that I’m then locked into the same ratio issue. Fortunately, I have the option to ‘copy’ a previous page so I can still continue to add pages with my custom size images, but it isn’t ideal as it copies all the page content as well which I then have to remove.

I don’t really know what to do at this point – I’ve invested a fair few weeks of real-time over the past year on this website and, although I’ve managed to come with workarounds for this unwieldy, more-expensive option, I’m concerned the next ‘feature’ will just bring me back to square one! As it stands, I’ve got 51 pages of images and links, and I’m slowly building up the content offline with Word just incase it all goes belly-up again.

Anyone out there had any good experiences with other hosting / website design companies?

One comment on “Website Woes

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