Wednesday Website Update #2

Following all the problems that I managed to hit on update #1, I decided to keep a weekly log of all my progress on getting my website up and running, if anything it’ll be something that forces me to keep at it.

At present I’m still working through the images that I’ve got planned for each page, as well as a quote for each page.  The content for many of these pages is still some way off yet – I’ve got a lot of reading, writing and listening to do before I can even attempt some of them.

So, I’ve got 65 pages of content, each requiring 3 parts to it (quote, image, content) giving me a total of 195 separate updates that I need to get completed.

As of today, I’m still missing;

  • 15 images
  • 56 content pages

It’s probably obvious that it’s the content pages that hold the actual ‘meat’ of the website so I’d say that I’m currently only 15% complete.


But, if there is a silver lining to this particular cloud, it’s this; I finally got the blog page working on the website – it seems I needed to use /?feed=rss rather than just /feed.


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