Wednesday Website Update #3

This week saw me finally completing the quotes on each page that I wanted.  I had initially thought of putting a particularly relevant quote on each page but acted against it.  It’s the fine tuning at such an early stage that is costing me time.  I’m a believer in the old 80/20 split (it takes 80% of your time to do the last 20% of the work and vice versa) so didn’t feel the need to make things even worse.

As I see it, a quote on writing is sufficient regardless of what page you are on.

Next I tackled the outstanding images for my site which wasn’t as easy as you would expect.

Firstly, I’ve tended to use somewhat abstract images for my pages which means I can find myself searching for upto an hour for that one image. 

Secondly, I’ve read horror stories of people being sued for copyright infringment so am only using free image, or those with CC rights.  It’s certainly safer although the number of images (and variety) completely drops away from the searches once you apply those filters.

I’ve also removed a few pages as I began to struggle to think of what to put on them; and if I’m struggling as the author, then there’s a good chance the reader will struggle also.

So, I’m now down to 62 pages split across the following topics;

  • Me / My writing
  • The craft of writing
  • Worldbuilding

All quotes are in, all images are in, now it’s time to work on the content….

Older updates can be found on the website project page here


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