Wednesday Website Update #6

So, I’m still working on getting my website ready for publishing. It’s a funny period at the moment, I’ve gotten over the exciting design part, but am not yet ready for the final reveal in terms of completing it. If it were being populated in the form of the Three Act structure, then I would definitely be toward the end of Act 2; I’m certainly stuck up a tree and just waiting for someone to start throwing rocks at me.

My website is a collection of topics (and accompanying information) that I’ve picked up on my journey to writing my own first novel. It isn’t perfect, nor is it commanding (I hope). After all, I’ve not even finished my own novel’s first draft yet, let alone got it ready for editing / revising etc.

I’ve split the site into sections, such as My Writing, the Writing Craft, Map Making and World-building and within each section will be a number of general pages where I cover the aims and potential content. In addition, I’ll build up a set of posts / links that I find throughout my journey and use these to embed my knowledge in that particular section.

At present I’m still working through each of these ‘header’ pages and putting down my own views and information about what the reader can expect to see. I’m not finding this particularly difficult but I am wary that some pages are a little light on text, and others have given me cause to increase the size of the page.

I’m about half-way through these ‘header’ pages and only after those are completed will I be in a position to start the actual process of populating the website with the kind of discussions and insights that I’ve planned – of those, I’ve barely got a handful but I do have pages of notes / links and ideas.

At the moment, the thought of getting it ready for publishing on April 30th is looking a bit optimistic, but I’ll soldier on.

Roll on Act 3!

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