Spreadsheets and Fantasy don’t mix!

It’s been a while since I last posted and it’s mainly due to me having to spend time away from my writing.

Something that I already knew, but has painfully returned to remind me, is that spreadsheets and fantasy do not mix. Sure, I’ve been dealing with magic(?) formulae, cells and keys but not the ones that I enjoy reading about. To top it all off, the service that I operate has been down a few times this past week or so and that has just eaten away all of my time, and energy. There’s nothing like a three hour meeting with managers telling you what to do to drain whatever creativity you have in you.

I’ve taken solace in my reading but I’m getting annoyed that I’m spending so much time in someone else’s world, when I should be getting my hands dirty building my own world – a set of half a dozen Dungeon & Dragons manuals mock me from my bookshelf as they remind me of all the world-building that has been achieved by others. Even reading The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula Le Guin over the weekend left me bruised – and that’s just about a single maze underground!

The website is still unfinished, my novel doesn’t seem to be moving on and I have magazines I should be reading.  My presence on forums has been lacking, my involvement in WordPress has been almost non-existent.

So, I’m going to have to shirk a few responsibilities this week; work and reading. I have to if I’m going to be committed to my writing. There are things that I need to put right, especially if I’m going to be studying for the MA in Creative Writing in September.

It will have to still be a juggling act but sometimes it’s better to juggle and let a few of the balls drop, than to not pick them up at all.


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