Time to go back to university..

It’s that part of the year again when I look to expand my knowledge and to gain a step on the ladder toward being a University Lecturer.

Any followers who were with me last year will know, I failed to get into the one-and-only University that I had applied for. So, this year I’m taking a few days out, looking around the various options open to me and then choosing three of them (as it will be all distance learning, I can throw my net out quite wide).

Early runners are as follows;

Manchester Metropolitan University (Online MA Creative Writing)
Lancaster University (Creative Writing Distance Learning)
Teesside University (MA Creative Writing Distance Learning)
University of Edinburgh (Creative Writing Online Distance Learning)
The Open University (MA English)

Almost all of these Universities require an application that includes references, a sample portfolio, and the ability to pay the fees. I’ve been putting some money away each month to help pay my fees and I’ll probably have to keep a hold onto my car for another year or two. I have a couple of people in mind for the references, and they’re willing to write one for me. The portfolio and close-reading samples are down to me alone.

My heart really wants an MA in Creative Writing as that’s the area I want to be involved in at some sort of lecturing capability. However, my brain suggest an MA in English could be a strong second option – the Open University have been good to me and, thanks to the their less restrictive requirements, I’ve gotten a BA, BSc and MSc already – they just don’t do a Creative Writing MA 😦

I’m going to be spending much of this upcoming week working through the various forms and requirements and will whittle my final decision down by the end of the week. I know I need to produce at least one ‘close reading’ sample, so I also need to find a suitable book (the ones I’m reading are both middle books of trilogies).

I’ll root out the one that I did for last year’s MMU application and put it up on my flash fiction page.

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