A typical writing day for amuteforamuse

Ever wondered how other authors write? What their routines are, and also where they write?

Well, as part of some research that I’m doing for my website, I’m going to be spending a bit of time in other people’s workspace. However, I think it’s only fair that I start with myself but will include some more famous authors in a separate post.

My writing space is the middle room of my house (which also doubles as my office during the day). On my desk at any one time I have a pile of books, a shelving unit (for A4 papers), a 20″ monitor, a 32″ TV, an HP laptop and a DELL workstation – the monitor and laptop are for my day job. In addition to my desk, I have a set of drawers, a comfy char, a gas heater and a bookshelf. Although I have a conservatory to my right and a room to my left, I spend most of my time staring at a brick wall barely three feet away from my face! The only company that I have apart from my dog, Max, is a grumpy gargoyle which I tend to swear at when I’m struggling to come up with that one, perfect phrase. You can see a good picture of him to the right of every post I make.

A typical day for me usually begins at around 0800 with work and, if I’m busy, takes me right through to 1730. If I get a chance over lunch, I’ll browse the web a bit, or read a book. I have dinner around 1800 and visit the gym every other day for a 10k run. Following that, I watch a bit of television with my wife until around 2230, then I turn into a night-owl.

Anytime from 2300 onwards, I’ll be sat at my workstation with either WordPress or Scrivener open – depending on if I’m doing novel writing or blog writing. Over the past month or two, I’ve also been researching world-building as part of getting my website up and running, so I’ll also have a website design panel open.

As you will all know, my word count is usually at the behest of my muse. I’ve tried to keep to a specific word count, but I tend to feel guilty if I don’t manage it. So, on any given night I may drum up a few pages of a novel, or schedule a couple of posts for the blog. If I’m not feeling particularly creative, I’ll drop into the website design and work through the draft web pages.

On the evenings when I’m sick of looking at a blank screen, I’ll decamp to the comfy chair and my e-reader to spend a bit of time in someone else’s world with a good book.

Oh, and sometimes, when the stars align and I’m in bed about to drop off into a deep sleep, that one, perfect phrase will come to me. If I have my notebook handy, I’ll write it down, if I don’t I’ll have forgotten it by morning.

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