Stop Pestering George R.R. Martin

George RR Martin asks fans to stop pestering him  

***Warning the link above does contain a few spoilers***

So Game of Thrones has become such a success that it’s beginning to take over George Martin’s life.  Now, as an aspiring writer, I don’t think there is anything better than a chorus of “write more books” from your global fan base; I’m sure just a few years ago, George would probably have felt the same way. But too much of a good thing can be have the opposite effect.

I suppose like any other person, there are more interests that George has that he would like to spend more time on (such as sport), or just anything that is non-Game of Thrones related. If you’re trying to break away from something, then it must be so frustrating to be drawn back at every turn.  I would suggest George RR Martin is like those actors that get famous for one movie, or character, and can’t seem to get away from the shadow of it and out into the light. Although in his case, the heavyweight that is Game of Thrones throws a much bigger shadow.

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