Wordsworth Free Online Course – Week 2

This particular week covered “Spots of time”, which included childhood, Education and Memory in the Prelude (Wordsworth’s autobiographical poem).

2.1 [Video]
Here we discover that one of the earliest existing copies of The Prelude began life as a diary bought from a trip in Germany in 1798. We see that the beginnings of this poem was really one of self scrutiny as he tries to come to terms with the taks of writing such a poem. Over the next few years, the poem grows in other manuscripts, mainly in his sister’s writing as he instructs on what to write.

2.2 [Quiz]
Simple quiz testing on the previous video

2.3 [Video]
A reading of the opening lines of The Prelude

2.4 [Video]
An analysis of the first two opening sentences of The Prelude.

2.5 [Video]
Shot in Hawkshead Grammar School, we even see where the young Wordsworth carved his name into one of the desks. Another wonderful poem from Wordsworth as he describes his adventures amongst the cliffs in his early childhood – one of Wordsworth’s Spots of Time.

2.6 [Video]
Another video of a reading about Wordsworth’s Spots of Time.

2.7 [Discussion]
Here we’re invited to discuss the previous video as well as drawing on our own memories to produce our own ‘spots of time’.

2.8 [Video]
Back to the videos and this one discusses the ‘boat stealing’ episode from The Prelude.

2.9 [Video]
A full reading of the ‘boat stealing’ episode.

2.10 [Assignment]
This section was a request to write a small essay about the passage of boat stealing.  The essay was then peer reviewed and discussed.

2.11 [Review]
A chance to review the essays of others.

2.12 [Reflection]
A chance to see your own reviews.

2.13 [Video]
A video discussing the Goslar letter which was a letter sent from Wordsworth to Coleridge whilst they were both in Germany.  It has many elements of The Prelude within it and gives us an insight into the way the poem was being developed.

2.14 [Activity]
Make your own Goslar letter! The unusual format of the Goslar letter brings us to this activity where we’re asked to create our own on a piece of A3 paper.

2.15 [Video]
A video to summarise Week 2.

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