Writing Exercises #2 – Timed Writing about an object.

This type of writing exercise is based around picking a particular object that you find lying around and talking about it for five minutes without pausing, correcting etc.

Okay, so on my desk amongst all other things, is a zombie sock. That’s right, it’s a sock that has been turned into a zombie. How is that even possible you ask yourself? Well, it all came about one Christams when my daugher was just learning to sew (she is in her mid-twenties) and my wife thought it would be a nice present if my daughter could sew something for me. Having had no real experience in patterns, they found a box that came with all the relevant parts to turn socks into zombies. I think there were four different types that you could choose from, and I’ve no idea what the actual name of mine is called. All I know is that he is called the Zombie Sock.

Looking at him now, I suppose that I should have given a bit more thought to the type of sock that I volunteered up for the resurrection process. Eagle-eyed people amongst you will probably see it used to be a ‘robot’ sock and has pictures of robots all over it. Not exactly the best type of sock to use for a zombie, but I think it does show just how closely linked my love is for the fantasy, horror and sci-fi genres. After all, a zombie sock with pictures of robots on it must fit into one of those genres quite nicely.

One final thought it that I do have a real fear of zombies to the point that I used to have nightmares about them, but this particular one doesn’t scare me at all.IMAG0193

One comment on “Writing Exercises #2 – Timed Writing about an object.

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