Writing Exercises #1 – Freewriting

Freewriting is an exercise that is used by many people who feel that they’ve somehow hit a wall, or some form of writer’s block. The idea behind freewriting is that you are given a free, blank page and then you set yourself a timed target, say five minutes, and then you just continue to write exactly what comes into your head for that particular period.

I would like to say that generally the idea of a white screen with a flashing prompt opens up a world of ideas for me but having the counter ticking down next to me right now (yes, I am freewriting this entire blog post so I should get it all done in exactly five minutes) happens to scare the life out of me.

I thought I would have a bunch of ideas all lined up to talk about and initially felt comfortable at setting such a time period but those ideas went completely out of my head the second that the stopwatch begin to count down – wow would you believe that I’m only half-way through at this point it time?

Okay, so maybe I should try to get at least some level of thought processes working as I continue to type this. I did read that I’m not really supposed to delete / correct or edit any of this text and so far I’ve managed to do all of that apart from hitting the delete button a few times to correct mis-spelt words.

I will be using the blog over the next few months to include any real nuggest of information / advice that I find relevant on the MA course that I’m currently doing and, as it has a number of set writing exercises each week, I think I’ll start with those. As you can tell this particular week is all about freewriting, that is just typing anything without restraints or pauses. Wow I can’t believe I’ve now been going for five minutes.

One comment on “Writing Exercises #1 – Freewriting

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