End of Term #1 – Creative Writing MA Summary

Wow, it’s all gone so quick, where has all the time gone? I had planned and putting out a more detailed weekly update on the blog, but work and study have meant I struggled to do it so I’ve opted for a summary of each week which I hope to get out over the next eight days or so.

I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed this term and found it great to be back in the discussion forums and workspaces with other authors.  As writing can often be quite a solitary task, I do tend to miss being somewhat interactive and being able to see how other authors write, and think, about a particular subject gives you an insight into the workings of other minds.

Moreover, our online tutor, interviewed a number of other people during the term and I got to see how the creative mind works in other mediums, such as script/play writing and photography.  Being able to fire questions out to these guests and pull out some invaluable answers was an excellent way to find out about these mediums worked, something that I’d never really been exposed to.

The reading list for this course is HUGE and although I’ve been told I don’t need to read every book on the list (and many excerpts / books are provided in the online library) I do have an an old dusty shelf that needs to be kept occupied.  Second-hand, almost all the books cost me less than £50 which isn’t too expensive and pales into significance when you consider the costs for the MA itself, as well as the time I’ve chosen to invest in it.

The term culminated in a piece of graded writing split into two parts; a Manifesto, which I plan to put on the blog once it’s been marked, and a piece of prose for which I re-wrote the first chapter of my novel based on the techniques and skills that I’d picked up.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable eight weeks that has flown by and I can’t wait for term #2, Writing and the Self to begin.

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