A Three Month Kick in the Pants

Many of us writers often complain about having to fit our writing around other mundane things, such as work, kids and spouses. Many often dream about how we could write forever if only we had the time to do it.

Well, sometimes you shouldn’t wish for something, just incase you get it.

Me? Well, I’ve just recently been informed that I’m about to be made redundant. So, I suspect I’m going to be just falling around with time on my hands in the next few months.

It didn’t come as a surprise and, being a complete control freak, I do happen to have something else lined up. However, that isn’t until September and I suspect my services are about to be unrequired by the end of June.

So, my maths suggest that I have around three months; July, August and September to make something happen other than keeping my wife happy (washing on the line, kitchen floor mopped, stairs vacuumed etc.). As it happens, that’s just the right amount of time that a certain Stephen King suggest it should take to write the first draft of a novel!

I’m looking at this as an opportunity to turn a frown upside-down and get my novel up to first draft standard.

However, I still do have some more-than-mundane plates that I need to keep spinning;

  •  A spring-clean of the amuteforamuse blog
  •  Keeping the amuteforamuse blog updated
  •  Working on getting my website up and running
  •  Completing my Creative Writing MA
  •  Researching / studying for my new venture (more about that nearer the time)

The good news is that I’m already 85000 words into my first draft, the bad news is that I’ve not touched it in a long time. I’m feeling a mixture of panic, fear and excitement all at once, I know it will be the end of September in no time (and the time is going to pass anyway, isn’t it?) but I’m hoping to use this experience as a stepping-stone to something positive.


Week #3 Muse Update

This week is an easy update to which there are two sections

Firstly, I haven’t been writing this week; I’ve been reading.  In the past few days I’ve read almost 100 pages of Magician, the full novel of I Am Legend and am halfway through Starship Troopers.

At this point I’m sat smug in my chair with the spectre of Stephen King hanging over me preaching “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot.”

PS: Stephen King isn’t dead; the reference to his spectre was symbolic.

PPS: The keen-eye amongst you will notice that he mentions two things and I’ve only noted one….


…And now to the second part of my update, underlined by Mr. King, “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Continue reading