Term 1, Week 8 : MA Creative Writing Summary

Week 8 was the culmination of the previous weeks whereby we worked on our Creative Manifesto.

Apart from the completion of the manifesto and the submission, there were some simple aims to cover the other aspects of study that we’d been doing. These included learning more about presenting manuscripts to a professional standard, continuing to provide feeback to our peers and working with our tutor to develop the final manifesto.

The writing exercise was just about polishing the manifesto and making sure it read correctly, and that there were no glaring errors in it.

In terms of reflection, I did enjoy this first term and it certainly opened my eyes up to aspects of writing that I hadn’t given a though to, especially the manifesto weeks.  I discovered new ways of just starting to write, via rituals, and I also enjoyed the work spent in gathering ideas though the different mediums.

I do have to admit that I found the manifesto work quite difficult.  I very much feel that creative writing is a personal action which means I find it difficult to tell people how they should do it.  That’s quite ironic seeing as I’m doing a creative writing course, but I see that as someone telling me where a destination is, but then letting me choose whichever route to that destination that I prefer.  Now, with a manifesto, I got the feeling that I was being asked to tell people what is wrong, and what isn’t.

Still, I did enjoy working on the manifesto and I’m glad that I completed it. I’ll get it added to a page at the top of the blog in next couple of days so people can read it and let me know what they think.

Next week, I’ll be posting the notes I made from term 2, Writing and the Self.


And so it begins..

There’s a lot starting to happen this week that I’m please about.

Firstly, I’m really excited to be on the edge of beginning to study my MA in Creative Writing with Teesside University. I’ve just made my ‘hello world’ post on the forums and am really keen to start to get to know my fellow students and also my tutor. I’ve already done some reading ahead of schedule and have picked up some really good information about routine and commitment.

Secondly, this week marks the first of four weeks with Futurelearn’s course on William Wordsworth. I can’t pretend that I spend much time in the world of poetry, but this fine chap lived and wrote very close to where I live and, when I did my English Literature degree, I felt his poems jumped from the page. It’s only fair that I take a few hours out of my schedule to pay this wonderful poet the respect that his writing deserves. As with the Writing Ficion I’ll be sending out progression updates so people can make their own choices about whether they would feel the course worthwhile.

Finally, I’ve managed to pull a bunch of pictures off my camera from some of the visits to various cities on my holidays. Some of them really got my creative juices flowing and I felt flash fiction fall from the sky!