I take no credit for the information in these links; they all refer back to the places where I first found them. Any positive comments (and especially negative comments) should be made at source. All I’ve done is keep track of these links for my own benefit.

Now that’s all out of the way, sit down, grab a cold cider and enjoy the links 🙂


1. Myths & Magic: The Complete Fantasy Reference

2. The Fighting Fantasy World: Titan

3. World Building Tips Volume 1


1. The Other Side of the Story; World-building tips learned at the Louvre

2. Virtual Reality and World-building

3. World-building & Teleportation

4. Berley’s Top 10 World-building tips

5. Five Foundations of World-building

6. Link Feast for Writers, vol 19 – World-building

7. World-building for Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers

8. World-building form the bottom up



1. Fantasy World-building Questions (

2. Educated World-building (

3. Nano discussion about World-building (

4. 30 days of World-building (

5. The World-building school (

6. Brent Weeks Writing Fantasy tools and techniques (

7. A Way with Worlds (

8. Rivera Runs Through IT (

9. Fractal World Generator (

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