A Treasure Found

A Treasure Found is the working title of the first book in what will be known as the Cerement Trilogy.  It is a fantasy novel set across a region of the Western Realms in the world of Monecia. A Treasure Lost and a Treasure Coveted will be books two and three.

A young man hiding to escape a bandit attack discovers a woman, and something thought to have been destroyed generations ago. Shortly after, a priest awakens from a nightmare after seeing images that could shake the foundations of his religion, whilst a stranger wanders out from the desert sands with news of an awakened ancient evil.

As news begins to spread about the artefact, it becomes clear that different people want it for different means; some wish to protect it, whilst others wish to destroy it.

More information about my writing will be on my website, amuteforamuse.co.uk which I plan to release soon.

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