This blog was initially setup as a way to voice my thoughts, struggles and achievements (or failures) as I continue to work on my first novel, A Treasure Found (Book1 of the Cerement Trilogy).

However, it quickly became clear that I was amassing a lot more information than I could really hold in a blog format.  Things like world-building resources, short stories and character biographies that really needed to be held in a single place for people to see.

To this end, I’m working on a website over at which will allow me to (eventually) get more and more things up and running.  As it evolves, it will become more of reference site with regards to both writing and world building.

Another site that I’ll be working on toward the end of the year will be a themed site towards the fantasy world that my books are based in and will aim to provide a vast resource of background knowledge to supplement my novels. Not sure what the name of that will be yet as I haven’t bought the URL.

At present (Jan 2016), the site is UP but I’m still populating it so it’s quite empty at the moment..  The reason for this is that it is still a Work in Progress (as it always will be), but I want to at least get it in a healthy state before I unleash it into the world – broken links and blank pages aren’t something I want to promote…

I did keep a log of the website work but it is so out of date now that I’m going to retire it and start a new one. These will be posted on Wednesdays

Working towards 01/03/2016 as a launch date.

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