I’ve got man-flu…

I can trace it back to a blocked ear on Wednesday, a blocked nose on Thursday and a sore throat yesterday. This morning (at approximately 0400), I awoke with fully-blown man-flu and have been suffering ever since.

My dog, Max, is also aware something isn’t right as he hasn’t left my side all day, although I’m unsure if it’s a man’s-best-friend thing, or a vulture-waiting-for-his-next-meal thing.

Clearly, the fact that that I’m even writing this post is a testament not only to my commitment to this blog, but also to the male spirit and the calorific value of the energy drink I just downed.

Obviously, the only way to deal with such a setback is to spend the afternoon under the duvet with the football on the TV and copious amounts of ego-massaging from my wife when she gets home from work – women are immune from it!

I’m currently unsure how this will affect my writing over the next few days, I’ve done a quick Google search and can’t find any information on how the likes of Shakespeare, or Homer, dealt with such an affliction.

These leads me to believe that I just might be the first male writer to ever have it!

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